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How to get lower freight rates on LTL shipping?

Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments are in high demand because of the rise of firms operating in interstate and worldwide e-commerce. Because of the growing demand to ship small packages that can’t fit in a regular trailer, more companies are requesting quotations for this service. Since it would be extremely costly to transport such large shipments as full truckloads, consumers must locate carriers that can fit several shipments onto a single trailer. Due to the cost-sharing nature of the system, freight rates are reduced, enabling companies to save money and increase their profits. Read on for some suggestions on how to negotiate more affordable rates for LTL transport.

Get affordable quotes for freight by signing a contract

After a period of time of dealing with the same shipper under the terms of a contract, you will be in a better position to bargain for better prices. Costs might quickly add up if you have to get a new quotation every time you need a product shipped out. To get better LTL shipping costs, you should look for a reliable carrier with whom you can establish a solid working relationship.

Look around for better freight quotes

Many businesses provide LTL transport services between your location and the place of delivery. Get freight quotations from as many shippers as you can, making sure to only consider those that have a good reputation. As a loyal client, you may be able to negotiate lower rates with your go-to shipping companies by just asking for them.

Give density a higher priority than volume when negotiating freight rates

More cargo on a trailer means cheaper freight prices. The price per cubic foot of trailer space decreases as the size of your package decreases. Therefore, you need to minimize the amount of space your pallet’s contents take up by all means necessary. Take into account the vacant space on the pallet as you stack.

Be clear when asking for freight quotes

The size and mass of the shipment determine the shipping rate. Shippers need this information so they can plan out which LTL loads can go together in a single trailer, thus you must provide them with the correct details. A measurement error may have serious consequences. If you provide dimensions that are too tiny, your shipment may be delayed or someone else’s may be accommodated. If you cause the shipper more work and expense by failing to pass an inspection, they might punish you or charge you inspection and handling costs.
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