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Veterans Day: Honoring All Who Served

Vineyard Brokerage salutes the veterans!

Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 in the United States. Veterans Day “honors all U.S. military veterans, both living and dead, with special thanks to the many living veterans who have served their country with honor in war and peace.”
There is another significant event associated with this day: the conclusion of World War I. The trucking business, of which we are a part and which employs a large number of veterans across a wide range of fields, is using this day to show gratitude to its fellow citizens who have served in the military.
The trucking industry, like the armed forces, is more of a way of life than a profession. So, it’s not surprising that when they come back to civilian life, many veterans become successful truck drivers.

Some Facts About Veterans

  1. As of April 2021, 19 million living veterans had fought in at least one conflict.
  2. 11% of veterans are women.
  3. 5.9 million male and female soldiers fought in the Vietnam War.
  4. There were 7.8 million veterans who served during the Gulf War.
  5. In 2021, around 240,000 of the 16 million Americans who participated in World War II were still alive.
  6. There were 933 thousand Korean War veterans.
  7. As of 2021, the states with the most veterans were Alaska, Virginia, and Montana.

Veteran Truck Drivers

Of the almost 18 million veterans now living in the United States, over a quarter are truck drivers. In response to the current shortage of truck drivers in the United States, there has been a renewed appeal for military retirees to enter the industry. Veterans are a great asset to trucking firms, and companies are reaping several advantages from hiring them. For experienced drivers, trucking firms are willing to go above and beyond, and they are also providing additional benefits. Not only is the money reliable, but so is the job stability, which allows for regular, scheduled travel. There is room for advancement in the trucking profession, whether via promotions, new routes, or becoming an owner-operator.
Veterans have a reputation for dedication and hard work, making them attractive candidates for trucking firms. Veterans are known to be more dependable, communicative, and hard-working than their non-military counterparts. They’ve weathered adversity before, so they’re prepared to handle high-stakes situations and heavy workloads. Veterans have a strong work ethic, are often regarded as skilled and capable, and often have prior driving experience. Researchers in the trucking industry have found that veteran truck drivers:
  1. Have fewer mishaps
  2. Drive more
  3. Fewer involuntary discharges

Final Thoughts

Many veterans who start driving trucks do so in order to find solace in the open road and the opportunity for personal growth that comes with it. Still others are on the lookout for a reliable source of income so that they can support their families. Vineyard Brokerage is grateful to the veteran truck drivers who have served our country, and we hope they have a safe and happy Veterans Day.