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Freight Containers: A versatile storage solution

Freight Containers: A versatile storage solution

A cost effective and secure option!

Freight containers are a great option for anybody in need of additional room for storing things, whether for commercial or private usage. This choice is growing common, particularly among those who find themselves in possession of containers for which they have no other practical use. For a number of reasons, freight cargo containers may serve as storage solutions even better than more conventional choices like storage lockers.

Cost Effective Solution

Traditional storage facilities had the form of buildings, with each room partitioned off into separate storage units. You’ll need a lot of money for this. The expenses incurred for upkeep of structures are also substantial. Shipping containers have been shown to be more cost-effective than traditional storage methods, and this is catching on with newer storage facilities. You’ll save money with this option. Additionally, they are already assembled when they get to your door.

More Secure and Sturdy

Containers for transporting goods are strong and may provide good security for the stuff they hold. With its sturdy build, you can be certain that your containers will remain unopened and undamaged. A customer’s peace of mind is invaluable, particularly when it comes to long-term storage. If you can provide them with a secure place to keep their belongings, you can count on them to become repeat customers and advocate for your company to their friends and family. They are also fire resistant, so your belongings are safe from the risk of a fire. When the door is secured with a solid lock, you won’t have to worry about anything. Cameras and motion detectors may be installed for further security if required.

Reduction in Risks and Costs

If you decide to liquidate any of your shipping containers, you may do so with confidence knowing that the market for pre-owned containers is strong. This also implies that scaling up or down is less of a hassle.
If you’re just starting out in the self-storage industry, it might be difficult to predict how much demand there will be. Starting with a small number of containers is OK, and adding more as demand grows is even better, as reselling the extras is simple. Also, you don’t have to make major adjustments to your building’s framework to provide for additional storage containers.

Durable Option

Shipping containers are sturdy structures designed to withstand harsh conditions. They can take a beating while keeping your stuff safe and sound. The high strength corten (weathering steel) employed in the construction of these containers contributes to their extended service life. These are covered with a unique finish that resists corrosion and other factors to further safeguard the structure. The profits on your investment are quite likely to continue for a very long time.

Maximize Your Available Space

Stackability is a design priority for shipping containers. In other words, you may get more use out of the property you’ve invested in for your company than you would with a standard self-storage facility. Providing easy access to your customers’ containers is as simple as installing steps, ladders, or walkways.

Final Thoughts

We at Vineyard Brokerage realize it’s important for you to be well-informed before embarking on a new business endeavor, so we’ll gladly help you zero in on the shipping containers that will serve you best. We’re here to help with any inquiries you may have. Call us for all your trucking or shipping needs by either calling us or submitting a form on our website.