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How Truck Drivers Make Your Thanksgiving Celebration Possible!

How Truck Drivers Make Your Thanksgiving Celebration Possible!

Thank You For The Bounty!

How did it come to be that you have cranberry sauce on your table? We, like everyone else, prefer to take the time to reflect on the things for which we are most thankful over the Thanksgiving holiday.
This holiday serves as a timely reminder of how grateful we are to all of the industrious and devoted truck drivers that are spread throughout the United States.
Even before people start shopping on Black Friday, it already has a significant influence on the economy.
This holiday season, here are three reasons why you should express your gratitude to a truck driver.

Improved Road Safety

As we prepare to hit the road once again, it is vital that we acknowledge all that truck drivers do to ensure the safety of our highways and roads. The American Trucking Association estimates that the trucking industry spent $9.5 billion on road safety in 2016, making it one of its top priorities.
The capital was put into the development of on-board technologies, the training of drivers, compensation for safety-related issues, and regulatory compliance. These improvements not only enhance safety for those working in the trucking business but also for all drivers on the road.


Pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, turkey… yum! Now, how did everything come to this point? To put it more simply, we should thank truck drivers for making it possible. It is reasonable to claim that practically all of the components of your dish have been influenced in some way by the trucking sector.
It’s likely that truck drivers are already in the middle of a busy week, since they are in charge of getting all of the food and goods to supermarkets, restaurants, shopping centers, and stores.
This is because truck drivers are in charge of getting a lot of the food in the world to stores where it can be sold.

Driver of the Economy

Have you ever been around during the holiday season and seen how crowded the shops become? Yeah? Us, too.
Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is the responsibility of truck drivers to ensure that goods are delivered in a timely and secure manner. And let’s not overlook how widespread the practice of purchasing online has become either.
Truck drivers also play a significant role in this process since they are responsible for delivering packages and items to our homes. Every year, the economy experiences a boost as a result of Christmas shopping, and we feel an additional sense of gratitude for the truck drivers who are responsible for making this possible by spending endless hours on the road.


It is clear that truck drivers play an important part in our lives, and this is true not just during the holiday season but throughout the whole year.
Truck drivers brought you everything you ate on Thanksgiving, from cranberries and mashed potatoes to the bird itself. Because of how much food people eat on Thanksgiving, it’s clear that a lot of truck drivers are important to the success of the holiday.
We can’t express how grateful we are for all that truck drivers do for our nation. We at Vineyard Brokerage would like to extend our gratitude to you and wish you a happy Thanksgiving.