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Driver Technology

Our driver app allows you to manage and look for cargo wherever you are!

Can’t stand having to wait for check calls, do paperwork by hand, and call shippers over and over again to get loads? Our driver technology will help you!
It’s safe to say that the millions of truck drivers throughout the globe are an integral part of the supply chain, and some even go so far as to call them the chain’s beating heart. Transporting goods is impossible without a driver. This shows how important it is for carriers to help their drivers and give them the power to make decisions. Vineyard Brokerage pays special attention to running its businesses based on these three main goals: keeping drivers safe, giving them the tools they need, and making them as productive as possible!
Electronic Logging Device
After the ELD requirement was put into place, all truck drivers were forced to put an ELD in their cabs. As a bonus, ELDs make it easier for drivers to share information about their duty status and save them time on paperwork. So, for the truck driver’s convenience, many electronic logbook (ELD) solutions can be used with a wide range of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.
Voice Control
Many of the apps that truck drivers can use require them to pay attention and take their hands off the wheel to enter data. Our truck drivers can do a number of things without taking their hands off the wheel by using voice commands.
GPS Devices
Many truck drivers use GPS monitoring to figure out the best way to get their cargo to its destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some GPS systems also give drivers information about their route, like how heavy the bridges they will cross are or how much gas costs at certain gas stations. The lives of both truckers and their clients have been altered by GPS monitoring.
Fleet Management Software
The trucking sector is being completely disrupted by fleet management software. Our fleet management software helps with the analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) and gives more information about the performance of truck fleets. Businesses can use technology-driven platforms to keep track of safety events, engine hours, route performance, fuel management, and other metrics, as well as to find ways to improve and figure out which problems need to be fixed right away and which can wait. Our truck drivers get help on the highways almost as soon as they need it.
From a business standpoint, there is a lot that can be done to make drivers’ lives easier by removing the sources of stress from their employment. Most drivers don’t like their jobs because of a bunch of little things that annoy them, like having to wait at a port, looking for parking, and doing manual tasks.
The technologies we’ve developed will help our drivers spend less time looking for loads and more time actually transporting them. They provide all the necessary information to our drivers, such as:
  • Place of residence
  • Details of the load
  • Report the stopping status