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who we are

Vineyard Brokerage is your go-to on-demand solution and one-stop shop for all of your truckload, LTL, expedited freight, small package, and air freight needs, as well as partial consolidation. We do everything, and we do it very well. Active monitoring of the load in real time. Claims and categorization problems are kept to a minimum. We take care of the problems that our customers don’t want to have to deal with, so they don’t have to. Once you submit your request, we will respond within an hour with a price.

What sets us apart from others?

We do more than just act as a “broker” for freight. Our business works with a huge network of pre-approved carriers in every part of the United States. Because of this, we can guarantee that all of our clients’ shipments will have enough space, no matter what. In addition, it lets us coordinate the backhauls for our customers’ shipments, which saves them a lot of money. We work with the most trustworthy companies in the business to offer real-time tracking. With our cutting-edge tracking system, our clients can find out where their freight is at any time and in real time.
You may get these updates on demand, or you can set up alerts to get them automatically through email or text message at a certain time. Our compliance team conducts routine background checks on every carrier that we work with. We at Vineyard Brokerage know that safety is the most important thing, so we make it a point to do thorough background checks on third-party carriers. Before any carrier is booked and any driver is sent out, every safety and service box must be checked. This must be done before any driver is sent out. When it comes to this regulation, there are no exemptions of any kind.

It's all about getting there!

We work nonstop and always keep our schedules!

We are committed to providing our clients and carriers with round-the-clock service. The dispatch lines are open around the clock so that you can talk to someone whenever you want. In addition to the fact that our offices are always open, each and every account manager here at Vineyard Brokerage is also reachable on their personal mobile phones around the clock. Our staff members take great satisfaction in being easily reachable by their clients at any hour of the day or night.
  • Service to customers that is unrivaled
  • Costs Not Unreasonable
  • Always and precisely on time
  • Exceptional handling of the freight
If you work in the transportation field, you need to have a strong relationship with a logistics partner. We get a lot of satisfaction from building long-lasting relationships with our customers and setting up situations where both sides can win.
Our in-house developed logistics operating system orchestrates these efforts, driving network synergies within and across our services to improve our value proposition to customers. This is made possible by our extensive logistics infrastructure and network engineering, our extensive network of domestic and global partners, and our substantial investments in automation. Vineyard Brokerage has the best customer service in the business, and they will work with your company to make it more efficient and save money. After all, whatever concerns you concerns us as well.