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Full Truckload

We move more FTL than any other company, so we have the size and consistency to help you strengthen your supply chain in all markets. Easy navigation of today’s fragmented truckload market is possible with access to large networks of high-quality truckload carriers in the regions where you conduct business. When moving a substantial volume of freight, shippers that select FTL freight shipments have a fantastic opportunity to cut their transportation costs and save money.

What Sets Us Apart?

When no one else can do it, be sure you have the ability to haul truckloads. By using our innovative solutions, you can reduce risk and keep your spending under control. Our automation is able to handle every step of the journey that your goods take, starting with the very first step and continuing all the way through to the very last one.
It features quick travel times, a low number of people handling the freight, and set times for both the pickup and delivery of the package. Shippers can improve their shipping efficiency and save money by taking advantage of all of these factors and the fact that it’s cheaper to deliver a lot of products at once.
Customers of Vineyard Brokerage are able to track the progress of their orders in real time thanks to our Summit tool and regular shipping notifications. Our custom-made track-and-trace software lets you keep an eye on the progress of your shipment in real time, minute by minute. You will always know where your package is in transit.
You can count on us to take some of the stress out of full truckload shipping (FTL) and other truckload services. Managing your full truckload shipments means doing everything from finding available trucks to giving freight quotes and appointment reminders to optimizing routes and taking care of customer service questions and order status updates. Finding a competitively priced FTL carrier is a top priority for our company. This makes sure that your cargo has the best possible outcome and that you have a good amount of space that fits your budget. We can find the most cost-effective solutions for you, whether you need help with a one-time purchase, regular cargo, or a custom project.
Also, our large network of carriers can meet your grocery and retail transportation needs, and our expert operational teams know how to help you meet the highest standards for retail service. By using our network of licensed carriers, Vineyard Brokerage can help you find the most cost-effective ways to add capacity.
Full Truckload

Quicker Shipping

Full truckload shipping is faster than full truckload shipping because the truck can begin transporting the package as soon as it is loaded rather than having to wait for other cargo to be loaded. When a whole truck is making a single delivery, it cannot make any intermediate stops.

Transporting Valuables with Greater Security

There is a significant investment of time and energy involved in transporting products. People who sell fragile or perishable goods, like expensive machinery or medicines, might benefit the most from FTL shipping because their goods are handled less inside the trailer. The potential for harm to these items is reduced when there are fewer places for them to make contact with their environment.

Saves Your Time and Effort

FTL transport is more cost-effective than LTL transport if there is enough freight to fill a whole truck and the cargo has a single point of origin and destination. Since full truckload shipments go directly to their destination, they save money on fuel, tolls, and maintenance by avoiding intermediate stops.