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our culture

Learn about the folks who will help you make things happen.
Our recipe for success is as follows: employ the most talented individuals possible, put a ton of enthusiasm into the working atmosphere, give them the authority to make wonderful things happen for consumers, and brace yourself for a crazy trip to the top. Our goal is to give great customer service, and our values make sure we continue to find and keep the best people in the business. We recognize that the only way for our firm to continue existing is if our principles and the abilities of our workers come together to help our customers succeed.

Our Service Is Our Foundation.

If the service is not provided, we will be out of business, period. This is both the beginning and the end, the long and the short of it.
Because of this:

We Have People Who Are,

1. Are Capable of succeeding in complex, team-based situations.
2. Appreciate work that is forward-thinking and beneficial to the world.
3. Maintain a healthy balance between work and play.
4. Find creative answers to the difficult situations you face.

Our Goal

Our goal is to completely change the freight business by using shared truckload transportation to cut costs and boost productivity. The freight business is notoriously inefficient and is ripe for change. It's time to upgrade freight transportation.

The Future of Our Company Is Linked to Yours

Relationship maintenance with a trustworthy logistics partner is crucial in the transportation industry. We take great pride in the achievements of both our customers and our carriers. Because Vineyard Brokerage pays such close attention to every detail, your business will be able to save money and work more efficiently.

Our Services

We hire customer service representatives who are smart and have mad problem-solving skills. This way, they can give our customers the best and most innovative solutions on the market.

Efficient Logistics

We have worked with the best companies in their fields to make sure that our real-time tracking and insurance monitoring services are the best they can be. Our state-of-the-art monitoring system allows us to provide our clients with regular information on where their cargo is.

Unparalleled Support

To ensure that you always have someone to talk to, we keep our dispatch lines available around the clock. We are proud of the fact that our staff is always available to our clients. When you use our technology, you can get access to high-paying loads that you can't get any other way.

Our Energy Is Our Engine.

Vineyard Brokerage is focused on making a significant impact. We are grateful for the chance we have each day to have a positive impact on the lives of individuals in our immediate environment.

Come and Innovate!

You may anticipate going home every day if you are a truck driver for either a corporation or as an owner-operator. And with remuneration of the highest caliber and treated in a professional manner, what's not to like? Come and discover for yourself why more than a third of our company drivers have decided to remain employed for more than 10 years. Fantastic opportunities to make money, to socialize, and to relax from home!

Employee Involvement

When employees are valued, they are more invested in the success of the business as a whole. In today's diverse workplace, it is essential that all workers feel valued. People need to know they are appreciated, and it's just as crucial that they know they are being treated properly. When people are treated with respect and appreciation, they always go above and above.

Turbo Charged

If you can put together a group of people who all feel that they are appreciated, rewarded, and respected, you will have produced an irresistible force. What happens when individuals enjoy what they do, love the people they do it with, and feel eager to see their customers succeed in their endeavors? Increase the turbo. The mix of high octane fuel and oil keeps our engine running smoothly.

Positive Work Environment

The culture of a business is an integral component of what makes it unique. In order to recruit and keep the best employees, it's important to foster a positive work environment. We are proud of the measures we have taken to create a workplace that people are eager to join and remain a part of because we believe that work should be a place where people feel like they belong.

Open Door Policy

To this end, we make an effort to hear out staff concerns and explain our decisions clearly. We encourage honest dialogue and welcome feedback from all employees via an open-door policy. Vineyard Brokerage is a family, and we want everyone of our employees to feel like they're part of that family while they're here.

Happiness and Appreciation

By placing a premium on our workers' happiness and appreciation, we've been able to keep many of them, with some of their children even deciding to continue in the family business. It's easy to understand why more than a third of our corporate drivers have been with us for more than a decade. Our incredible team of employees, their dedication to one another, and the opportunities they are given to learn and advance in their roles are, and will continue to be, our biggest competitive advantage.