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Flatbed Trucking Services And Benefits

Flatbed Trucking Services And Benefits

For Those Big Hauls

Have you ever pondered the logistics of moving heavy items like agricultural machinery or construction pipes? That’s where flatbed trucking enters the scene.

What Is Flatbed Trucking?

Transporting big freight is referred to as flatbed trucking. Everything that can’t be transported in an enclosed trailer falls into this category.
Accordingly, the standard dimensions for flatbed freight trailers are 53 ft in length and 102 ft in width. Their sturdy metal exterior is paired with a hardwood subfloor for further comfort and stability. You might even see trailers linked together with chains to haul massive loads.
Their large, level beds are needed for transporting a broad range of heavy goods, including:
1. Equipment
2. Mobile Homes
3. Lumber
4. Oversized Pipes
5. Steel Coils
6. Vehicles
7. Tow Trucks
8. Heavy Machinery
The size of your load doesn’t matter when it comes to flatbed transport.

The Advantages Of Flatbed Trucking Services

Using flatbed trucks has several advantages.
Large Capacity To Carry Weight
When transporting massive objects, a flatbed truck is the way to go. Tow trucks and trailers with these can carry loads that would otherwise be too heavy for them. Flatbed cargo, for instance, may include:
1. Construction Equipment
2. Heavy machinery
3. Building materials
Flatbeds allow for more cargo to be transported with fewer trips.
Due to their higher flexibility in size, flatbeds are the most reliable and safe way to move big or large items.
They’re also great at transporting loads of unusual shapes. The issue with freight isn’t always its weight, but rather the fact that it won’t fit through the trailer door. Things that might be difficult to move without the help of a flatbed truck include:
1. Manufactured homes
2. Crushed automobiles
3. Manufactured components
Hot shot drivers and other less reliable trucking companies just aren’t suited to handle certain types of freight. However, while using flatbed trucks, cargo is loaded from the rear, sides, and far back. This adaptability reduces the effort and time needed for loading and unloading.
Furthermore, flatbed trucks provide greater practicality. Unlike drivers, who rely on human labor to load their vans or trucks, you transfer cargo on a flatbed methodically and safely utilizing a crane or winch.
Reduced Frequency Of Travel
Because of the flatbed’s larger capacity, you can transport more goods at once. It will cut down on the time spent in the car making several journeys to transport heavy goods. The ultimate objective of most trucking businesses is to maximize efficiency, and this means reducing travel time. In the long run, it will reduce fuel use and save money.
Flatbed Trucking With Vineyard Brokerage
Vineyard Brokerage has been successfully providing flatbed trucking services for many years. We’ve been moving LTL freight for the mining, construction, and farming industries for decades, and we’ve been very successful at it.
We are able to provide transportation and logistics services for shipments of any size because of our extensive experience in the industry. With Vineyard Brokerage, you have a reliable partner whose shipping services can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.
Check out the services we provide on our website. Even better, contact us at (317) 939-3769 right now to obtain your no-cost estimate.
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