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How Does Vineyard Brokerage Help To Protect Your Freight From Season Impact?

How Does Vineyard Brokerage Help To Protect Your Freight From Season Impact?

How Does Vineyard Brokerage Help To Protect Your Freight From Season Impact?

If you’re a business owner who has to send perishable goods to different destinations, you might have concerns regarding the safety of your cargo which can spoil in vagaries of unpredictable weather. The severe weather not only creates shipping delays and disruptions in the region that is directly impacted, but it also has a ripple effect that extends throughout the country.
There are some weather occurrences that cannot be prevented, such as very low temperatures, floods, hurricanes, forest fires, earthquakes, and tornadoes. However, there are certain measures that you can take to preserve your things and ensure that your LTL and FTL cargo stays on schedule.
Here are five ways by which Vineyard Brokerage takes care of your precious cargo:

Expect Natural Things According To Season

Certain extreme weather events startle everyone, but not to those who anticipate it. If you live in Minnesota, you can reasonably anticipate that excessive cold will cause delivery delays; hence, it is important to plan ahead and, if at all feasible, send your item during the summer months. Similarly, Floridians can arrange their shipments around hurricane season, and Californians are informed when the risk of wildfires is high, etc.
So considering all these things Vineyard Brokerage send their cargo by visualizing the weather with the help of weather department. So that your cargo reaches your doorstep in the perfect condition without any damage or delays.

Make Sure You Give Yourself Enough Time

LTL, FTL and intermodal carriers and shippers benefit from flexible collection and delivery dates when it comes to weather-related delays. It may be possible for your carrier to get your weather-impacted shipment to you by next Tuesday, but at a high expense and possibly exposing your item to greater danger of damage. When you have wiggle room in your carrier’s timetable, you can prevent unexpected charges and reduce the risk of product damage.

Carefully Prepare

If you’re transporting a product during the winter, make sure it’s protected with an insulating material (such flexible polypropylene foam) or in a thermal container.
You’ll have an extra layer of safety if the truck breaks down in a blizzard. In hot weather, thermal containers and permeable packaging are essential for deliveries. You can use open-cell cushioning foam or air-holed boxes so that your goods are protected in severe heat conditions.

Avoid Damage Caused Due To Water

In fact, one in five cargo losses are caused by water damage. There are a variety of reasons for water damage:

  • Container condensation, especially if the temperature inside the container is high enough to cause condensation.
  • Condensation inside the container may also increase during the voyage of the ship, which may result in the cargo being damp.
  • If there are any minor breaches in the container, water can get inside, especially if the ship experiences bad weather.

Choose the Right Container for Your Cargo

Containers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and sizes. This can be adapted to suit your needs. Do not use a container that will be too large or too heavy to transport at any point along the way.
Don’t forget to account for the possibility of cargo being affected by weather changes along the way. Select the most appropriate container type. Avoiding additional costs like a fan, temperature control, or ventilation might be a false economy in many cases.
Condensation and roasting can occur as a result of rising temperatures inside a container, such as in a tropical climate. So, by sending your cargo through Vineyard Brokerage you don’t have to worry about your perishable or nonperishable things because our staff and workers are well versed in handling every type of cargo.
Bad weather delays can be discouraging, especially when there is nothing you can do to speed things up—the weather is out of your control. A little planning ahead of time can ensure that your shipment arrives in perfect condition and on time.
We at Vineyard Brokerage keep all these and much more in our mind while dispatching a shipment, so that you are relieved of all kind of tension when you send your goods through us. Call us for safe and efficient delivery of your cargo so that you can function on other important tasks.
With you every mile of the way!