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How to Prevent Your Freight from Getting Stolen and Deliver It on Time

How to Prevent Your Freight from Getting Stolen and Deliver It on Time
If you’re a trucker or run a transport business, nothing is more crucial than making sure your freight gets to its destination securely when sending it from point A to point B. Cargo theft may be extremely difficult to foresee, even for seasoned truckers. Fortunately, we’re on hand to assist!
About $3.96 million worth of consumables were taken in cargo thefts in the United States in 2020, according to government estimates.
As a shipper, you may ask how to secure your cargo against theft while it is en route. Let us tell you how:

1. Don't Reveal the Location of Your Cargo

Thieves may have an easier time targeting you if they know where you’re going. Try to keep the locations of your pick-up and drop-off a mystery. This includes putting in place company-wide standards to prevent staff from unintentionally disseminating information. The importance of confidentiality in the transfer of information should be made clear to everyone involved.

2. Employee Vetting & Observation

Be on the lookout for signs that an employee is acting strangely, and keep an eye out for them. In addition, regular audits will help to maintain this issue at a manageable level. You can also use overt surveillance. Installing security cameras in high-risk areas can help you find employees who steal from the company. Having proper monitoring equipment is essential since internal theft is a major issue.

3. Keep an Eye Out for Hot Spots and Times

Six states in the USA and a handful of towns and truck terminals are particularly vulnerable to cargo theft. Weekend thefts are more common, and holiday thefts are especially high. When it comes to security, it’s best to concentrate your efforts on the times when theft is most common. Food and drink are the most frequently stolen items in the United States, followed closely by metals and electrical equipment. Keep an eye out for hotspots and the items that are being stolen to stay on top of the latest trends. When you know what areas are most likely to be targeted, it’s much easier to put loss-reduction plans into action.

4. Use Padlocks on Trailer Doors

Padlocks on your trailer doors, despite their apparent simplicity and low-tech nature, will greatly reduce cargo theft. Use a satellite-controlled locking pin to get the best results. Huck-bolted back-trailer door hardware and frames will bolster door locks.

5. Select Expedited Delivery Times

When sending your freight, think about using a quicker or more direct route to help reduce cargo theft. The best way to make sure your cargo gets there on time is to make sure it doesn’t have to wait overnight or needs as little handling as possible while it’s in transit.

6. Park Sensibly

Shipping companies must encourage safe parking practices and ensure that drivers know where they may stop for breaks. In order for companies to know where safe rest areas are, they must guarantee that their drivers are well-versed in these areas as well.
Following all these steps will ensure that your cargo reaches safely and on time