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How to Use Vineyard to Deliver Your Freight Faster, Safer, and On Time

How to Use Vineyard to Deliver Your Freight Faster, Safer, and On Time

How to Use Vineyard to Deliver Your Freight Faster, Safer, and On Time

The simplest way we can define what we do at Vineyard Brokerage is that we make it possible for goods to be transported from their point of origin or from where they are to their final destination, which can be your home, a warehouse, or a store. But there is a lot more going on in between and much more than is apparent.
We at Vineyard Brokerage try to make this process as streamlined as possible for our clients, so that they are saved from all the hassles and can leave the delivery of their goods to us. We assist them right from the booking of their consignment to packaging, shipping, or trucking as the need may be, to delivery.
We cover everything from Full truckload, TTL and Intermodal and can make the transition from one mode to another if need be. And everything is done transparently by keeping our clients in the loop and charging them the lowest rates in the industry without compromising on quality. Let us tell you a little about how we accomplish this to deliver your goods in pristine condition.

Backend Work at the Office

When you call Vineyard Brokerage and inform us about the items to be picked up, when they must be picked up, where they are supposed to be going, and when they must be delivered, we suggest the best methods depending upon the size of your cargo and the cost involved. Our team will also tell you all about the paperwork and the documentation needed.
Taking everything into account, we will quote you the cost to handle the shipment and, rest assured, it will be the best in the industry.

Important Details

After everything is set and the price is agreed upon, we set the wheels in motion. If the cargo has to be delivered quickly or a team of packers and truck drivers is needed due to the size of the shipment or the type of cargo (it might be perishable like food items or temperature controlled trucks are needed). Our diligent and helpful staff then enters all the data on the computer so that the required paperwork is generated for the driver. We then check his load board to determine which driver is closest to your destination, and we either phone or send a satellite signal to that driver to instruct him to pick up the load.


Vineyard Brokerage also provides packaging throughout the whole supply chain to safeguard your goods. This packaging, known as transport packaging, is used in large part to safeguard the goods during transportation between producers, distributors, and retailers, so you don’t have to worry about anything, even if your cargo includes fragile china cups or some item prone to breakage.
Nowadays, as we see e-commerce is expanding and changing the packaging supply chain and the customer experience, transport packaging is now reaching customers more and more directly, and we at Vineyard Brokerage assure you of the best experience when you deal with us.
Vineyard Brokerage is committed to keeping you happy and satisfied and being with you all the way.