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New Technologies in the Trucking Industry

New Technologies in the Trucking Industry

Invention and Innovation!

The trucking business is one that is always undergoing change. Engineers and developers are continuously designing, testing, and introducing new technology for semi-trucks in an effort to enhance the fleet’s overall performance and efficiency. If you want to keep up with the other companies in your industry, it is more vital than ever to make the appropriate investment and outfit your vehicles with the most advanced technology. Take a look at some of the newest and most cutting-edge technologies that are being developed for use in the trucking business.

Strategic TMS (Transport Management System)

An effective transport management system guarantees that all of the operations, beginning with the acquisition of freight rates and continuing with the tracking of final shipments, are simplified and carried out in an effective manner.
A strategic fleet management platform assists in onboarding current FTL and LTL providers, digitalizes procurement, and supports proper documentation of all freight activities by removing burdensome paperwork. Other benefits include digitalizing procurement and reducing administrative costs.
Modern trucks are outfitted from the factory with cutting-edge GPS tracking systems that are backed up by telematics. This helps to guarantee that every milestone of the trucks’ travel is recorded and sent to the appropriate parties.

Collision Mitigation Technology

Everyone is aware of the risks that are associated with working in the trucking industry. Because of this, collision avoidance software is now one of the sorts of technology in semitrucks that is seeing the highest rate of growth. In order to monitor and reduce potential dangers on the road in real time, collision mitigation makes use of a variety of devices, including radar, video, and sensors. Live obstacle detection and other resources collect and use data to warn drivers of possible risks, thus reducing the likelihood of accidents and other types of problems.
Technology installed in semi-vehicles to reduce the risk of collisions protects both the drivers of the trucks and the general public. Investing in preventative technology can also help you keep your fleet running smoothly and save money on costs like repairs, delays, or legal action.

Autonomous Vehicles

Over the course of the past several years, the concept of autonomous cars has been making waves in the world of technology. There are no exceptions in the transportation sector. Automakers have produced prototypes of driverless vehicles, which they have begun testing on public streets and highways. Although broad commercial deployment of self-driving vehicles is still quite some distance off, interest in the concept is rising as developers work to enhance artificial intelligence technology with self-driving capabilities. The lack of drivers and high turnover rates that are a problem for the industry could be fixed if semi-trucks had selfdriving technology.


Platooning is a subset of autonomous vehicle technology that has the ability to solve the truck driver shortage that has been going on for the past decade. In this scenario, a number of autonomous trucks would form a platoon by being tightly connected to one another, both physically and digitally. These networked trucks would then be remotely controlled by AIpowered supercomputers that are already present. Daimler has been developing and testing a prototype of this project using a semi-self-driving truck. This prototype has even been given permission to drive on Nevada’s public roadways.

Electronic Logging Devices

Electronic logging devices are now required by federal law to be used by all trucks that operate on interstate highways (EDLs). In addition to being required for compliance, the gadgets in question are cutting-edge pieces of technology that, when combined, may provide your fleet an advantage over those of rival companies. To guarantee compliance with rules, EDLs monitor and keep a record of the amount of time spent behind the wheel by each of your drivers.
Although it would appear to be a restriction, new technologies for semi-trucks like electronic driving logs (EDLs) can boost production, enhance the lives of drivers, and make the roads safer for everyone.

Vineyard Brokerage

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