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Shipper Technology

Vineyard Brokerage is committed to creating cutting-edge tools for the logistics industry that improve productivity with each shipment through the automation of processes, increased visibility, and insightful information provided to shippers. Our main goal is to come up with new tools that help our customers improve the efficiency of their supply chains, make them safer, and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide they release.
Vineyard Brokerage gives its customers a number of ways to use technology to get access to capacity, improve supply chains, and learn more about shipments so that they can be more productive. Our solution to save time and money for shippers of any size and level of technical skill is made up of the following parts:
Computerized Logistics Management Systems
We provide many digital quote, book, and track options to help our customers recover documentation, get access to capacity, and increase freight visibility so that our customers can get the support they need from us at any time.
Next-generation Trailer Monitoring
Our asset trailers have cutting-edge trailer tracking technology that gives us real-time updates on where they are. When you use our brokerage service, you’ll have access to cutting-edge solutions that make it simple for your carrier partners to report on the progress of their loads and communicate with your customers.
Automation of the Supply Chain
Shippers are interested in learning more about supply chain digitization because they want to know how to best digitally interact with service providers to maximize their advantages. Vineyard Brokerage’s consulting and engineering experts can help you make sense of the many useful and maybe even game-changing options that have become possible because of technological progress.
Every Mile Tracked
If you employ tedious manual processes for bidding, updating routing guidelines, generating orders, and reviewing invoicing with several transportation providers, our managed solution will provide you better visibility into your freight operations. When you delegate management of a transportation mode, location, or even your whole transportation network to our team, you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters for your organization.
Also, we base all of our operations on the principle of safety. As part of our commitment to the health and safety of our employees and clients, we are always looking for new technological ways to improve security and give better service.
Digital Records
Rather than physically handing in paper documents for required paperwork, you may now do it virtually. Bills of lading and certificates of delivery are two examples of this kind of paperwork. Since this reduces the need for our drivers and our customers to physically interact, it not only speeds up the transmission of information but also increases their safety.
Logistics Protection Mechanism
A plan for ensuring the security and protection of shippers’ freight that incorporates many types of technology to remove the chance of the freight being stolen.
Remote Monitoring
Reefer trailers can be tracked and monitored from anywhere in the world, and their temperature can be controlled remotely. This cuts down on claims for expensive spoilage, stops cargo from being stolen, and makes it less likely that a load will be rejected because of problems with the temperature.