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The Key Differences Between Standard Shipping And Expedited Shipping

Lightning Fast Delivery!

The Key Differences Between Standard Shipping And Expedited Shipping
We live in a lightning-fast era. With the rise of online shopping, consumers have come to anticipate instantaneous shipping. Shipping times were previously estimated at four to five days. Nowadays, it takes just 1-2 days. Expedited shipping is the key to timely delivery.
Providing fast shipping is a competitive advantage for firms. It provides an added incentive for your consumers to become repeat buyers. But is there a justification for spending the additional money? How do I determine whether the extra cost of using a faster delivery method is justified? In this article, we will answer all these questions.

Expedited Shipping

Any service that arrives sooner than the typical shipment time is considered “expedited.” The concept of “time” varies. A logistics service provider may define their express shipping options as they see fit. There are fast shipping options like shipping in two days, shipping the same day, shipping overnight, shipping overnight with priority, and many more.

Difference Between Standard Shipping with Expedited Shipping

The consumer experience for ordering is straightforward. However, this action sets in motion a series of intricate actions for the company and the logistical service. Physical packaging of an order is required once it has been received and payment has been processed.
Orders placed in the warehouse must be fulfilled by someone selecting the necessary items and placing them in shipping containers. When it reaches the shipping department, it will be placed into a vehicle or aircraft.
Putting cargo on a plane or vehicle that stops at fewer intermediate locations is how expedited shipping works. The more direct the route a shipment takes, the quicker it will get there. Unfortunately, there is a price to pay for that increased velocity.
Logistics firms can’t just use the same amount of manpower for standard and expedited shipment. For this reason, warehouses often have to invest in specialized equipment or hire additional staff whose only responsibility is to process rush orders and move them to the front of the supply line. Because of these things, using a faster delivery service is much more expensive than using a more traditional method.

Would It Be More Profitable To Pay Extra For Expedited Delivery?

Well, it depends. Expedited delivery isn’t a nice-to-have if you’re sending or receiving perishable items like frozen groceries. It is important to limit the amount of time perishable cargo spends sitting on a truck or in harsh weather.
Expedited shipment is especially helpful for fragile goods like artwork and antiques. Transport accidents are reduced since there is less time spent traveling through rough terrain. When you offer express shipping, customers will see that you care about the safety of their purchases.
It is important not to overlook the convenience factor. According to studies done over the last several years, millennials and members of Generation Z are up to three times more likely to pay for rapid delivery. Many buyers find that the savings in waiting time they get from paying more for expedited shipping are worth it.
However, free or discounted shipping expenses are more important to certain customers. Ninety percent or more of online buyers will increase their spending if free shipping is provided.
Those who are wanting to save money or who do not need their items quickly can consider waiting a few more days for a package to arrive. You need to think about who you serve to determine whether you should provide expedited shipping options.

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